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We are experiencing a large amount of requests for the evaluation trial (which is fantastic!). Please note that we cannot guarantee a date for the start of your trial. If you still want to be put on the waiting list then please register your interest and a member of the Emego team will be in touch.

Evaluate the Emego assistive switch for two weeks

When choosing the right assistive technology for a user, we fully understand that not all assistive switches are correct for each individual.

With the Emego assistive switch we give you peace of mind by allowing you to evaluate before you buy, we offer a two-week evaluation trial of the switch. Once your trial is over you can decide whether the Emego is the right assistive switch for you or the user.



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Emego at the assistive technology event in Harrogate
Electronic Engineer using Emego Assistive Switch

Terms & Conditions

There are a limited number of evaluation units available, so we ask that you fill in the evaluation form as accurately as possible. We want to make sure Emego is being trialled by the right people and that is why we require contact details of the main clinician or carer who will be using or supervising the Emego. If this is not possible then we will require contact details of the applicant and may conduct a telephone/Skype interview to determine how the Emego will be used. The Emego team and its designers (GSPK Design**) reserve the right to decline a request for a trial that we deem not appropriate.

Intended Use

The Emego System is intended to be used by patients with severe physical disabilities to give independence and control over a variety of ancillary ‘assistive’ devices. Small movements of targeted muscle groups are detected and translated directly into wireless signals. The wireless signal is sent to the Base Unit that is then used to control existing electronic assistive technology equipment (eAT). Emego is designed to control assistive applications including control of:

• Augmentative and alternative communication devices (AAC).
• Environmental control applications (EC).

Emego is not intended for use in safety critical applications.

So, what’s next?

If you have any further questions regarding this trial offer then please do not hesitate to get in contact with a member of the Emego team. If you are unsure and would just like to chat about the Emego then please do give us a call.

We also have a frequently asked questions page that can be found by clicking here.

*This excludes outside the UK and certain places in the UK. We will discuss this with you once we determine your location.

** GSPK Design Ltd terms and conditions can be found by clicking here (will open a PDF)