New Clinical Studies

As part of the development process for Emego it was important that consultation took place with proffesionals at all the stages of design. The end product needed to be not only technically feasible but functionally usable and acceptable for proffesionals and the end-users.

See below for updates from trials and studies with medical and healthcare proffesionals.


The Centre for Assistive Technology and Connected Healthcare (CATCH) is currently running two studies; to help develop and then evaluate the performance of Emego.

The first study will involve a small number of potential end users –  individuals with severe physical disabilities who use assistive technology such as a communication aid. This study will allow these users to trial the device and take part in interviews to feed back into the design of the device as GSPK build the final product.

The second, larger scale, trial is planned to evaluate how well the device performs – in other words how well it detects muscle activations and how well it could be used by individuals with severe physical disabilities as a control method.

To see this information on the CATCH website: Click here

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