A very Happy New Year to you! We wanted to give you a quick update you regarding the Emego assistive switch.

Coronavirus has impacted everyone around the world. The Emego team were starting 2020 with a spring in our step looking forward to what it may bring, little did we know what was right around the corner. Lockdowns and new ways of working swiftly came in during March and things have not been quite the same since. A lot of our business is done through face-to-face meetings where we could demonstrate the Emego and see how users use it enabling us to meet people and get involved with the assistive technology community. We have had to adapt to more remote working and the closest we can get to face to face is now virtually.

It is incredible to see the rapid use of video technology which has let us continue to communicate with our customers as well as introduce the Emego assistive switch to new people. Not only have we been able to communicate here in the UK but opportunities have opened up abroad in places such as the United States. We have had a huge interest in the Emego from the US and are continuing to evaluate how we can provide the Emego there (Watch this space!).

We will continue to push more content online to showcase the Emego assistive switch and how it can benefit those who struggle to communicate.

We are feeling positive in our outlook for 2021. Communication is so important for everyone and being able to supply a technology that enables this is incredibly exciting. We will continue to meet with people (albeit virtually) to showcase the Emego so do get in touch if you are interested to find out more – you can contact us via our email hello@emego.co.uk or through the form on our contact page.