For Use in Upper Arm and Lower Limb Post Stroke Rehabilitation

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Visualisation, Motivation, Rehabilitation


Using the Emego Link software allows you to see your muscle movements even if you can’t physically see your muscle moving. Seeing all of this in an easy to use interface will help you visualise your progress. It is also a great tool for Clinicians to get an in depth understanding of how the Emego Link is being used. A Clinician will be able to make informed decisions about pathways and suggest future rehabilitation exercises.


Recovering from a stroke could be one of the hardest things you have to overcome. Motivation is a key factor in Emego Links success as a rehabilitation aide. Once you attach the Emego Link on to the muscle you are exercising you are not only getting that muscle back to full strength but also increasing your confidence and mental health.


Working initially with your Clinician to set your rehabilitation goals will start you on your journey to recovery. Emego Link will become your rehabilitation partner that fits in your pocket. Completely wireless, lightweight, and discreet you can do your rehabilitation exercises anywhere you want as you take great strides in your post stroke recovery.

Emego Link - Rehabilitation Device
Emego Link - Your Rehabilitation Partner that fits in your pocket

Fits Right in Your Pocket

Take Emego Link anywhere with you so you can have the freedom to live life as normal. The unit itself measures only 1.5cm(H) x 2.5cm(W) x 4.5cm(D) and can be attached to your muscle either using the reusable Velcro strap or a specially made medical grade sticky patch. Plug the supplied dongle into your tablet or laptop and you’ll be ready to rehabilitate.

Designed by specialists in medical electronic devices, GSPK Design. The Emego Link uses advanced sensors that recognise muscle movements by way of electromyography (commonly known as EMG). EMG is a proven technology which accurately detects even very tiny muscle movements, in most cases, you will still be able to use the Emego Link even if your eyes can’t see your muscles moving.

See Your Realtime Results

Setting up your Emego Link with its software is easy. The software is a great way to see your exercises and achieve your goals. It provides realtime muscle movements using EMG technology. Our Engineers have created sophisticated algorithms to ensure that accurate signals of your muscles are processed right in front of your eyes. You can get immediate feedback just from activating even the smallest muscle movement.

Settings can be adjusted so that you are in control of how much effort you can put into your rehabilitation goals. The software is also a great tool for Clinicians to see important information on exercises as well as advise on clinical mapping goals. With all this information at your fingertips, you can easily track your progress and achieve your goals.

*Please note the picture is a concept drawing.

Emego Link - Rehabilitaiton Device

Want to Find Out More?

We are now looking to talk to people involved in stroke rehabilitation to further develop the Emego Link. If you are a Stroke Clinician working with clients on a daily basis or a stroke survivor looking to improve your upper limb movements then we want to hear from you. Get in touch by filing in the enquiry form to talk to us today and to see how you can trial the Emego Link.
Emego Link - Rehabilitation tool for stroke rehabilitation

See what users of the Emego Link have to say!

“Wow! I didn’t think I had anything! I can see my lines (muscle activity feedback) getting bigger the more I try”

S. Jones, Clinical Trial Emego Link User

“Really enjoyed using the Emego Link. It was quick to setup and seeing my muscles on the screen really helped.”

M. Taylor, Clinical Trial Emego Link User