The Most Accurate EMG Assistive Switch Ever Created.

  • Small wireless sensors that fit discreetly

  • Alternative switch, designed for people with severe disabilities

  • Long battery life will keep you switching for hours

  • Quick and easy set up for Carers

  • Fast wireless charging

Control Your World with the Slightest Twitch of a Muscle

Grid 3 Example Software

Compatible with all your favourite software and devices

Plug in your tablet, computer, smart device to the Emego Base Unit via it’s USB or 3.5mm audio cable and you open up a world of communication possibilities using your favourite AAC software.

Emego View Example Software

View and change real-time EMG data with Emego View

The Emego View software was designed for Clinicians and Carers to get the most accurate switch signal for the user. Real time EMG signal data allows for easy assessments of the Emego assistive switch.

Emego small form factor EMG switch

Emego goes where you go, small, light and wireless

Emego was designed to be discreet when in use. The small patient unit is completely wireless allowing you to communicate freely without the need for awkward wires.

Start Switching Differently with the Emego