The Most Accurate EMG Assistive Switch Ever Created.

  • Small wireless sensors that fit discreetly

  • Alternative switch, designed for people with severe disabilities

  • Long battery life will keep you switching for hours

  • Quick and easy set up for Carers

  • Fast wireless charging

Emego is an innovative new electromyography (EMG) switch that uses the very small electrical signals from limited muscle activity to wirelessly trigger electronic assistive technology equipment (eAT). Designed to be used by people with severe disabilities to give them greater independence and control over their communication (AAC) & environmental control (EC) equipment needs.

This Class I medical device uses dry sensing technology which means no more uncomfortable skin preparation or gels and the Bluetooth LE wireless operation means Emego is truly wireless. Emego is body worn, small, light and can be used over extended periods, suitable for applications to detect muscle signals around the jaw, eye, and limbs.

Emego, designed and manufactured in the UK by GSPK Design, is developed to easily replace the switch. Accurately and repeatedly detecting a trigger from small muscle movement converting this artefact to a switching signal to interface with existing (eAT) equipment through a wireless connection to the base unit.

Patient Unit (E600204):

Size: 46 x 26 x 16mm
Weight: 25g
Water resistance: IP44
Battery type: Li-ion (3.7V Nominal) rechargeable
Battery life: 8 – 10 Hours
Frequency response: 4 – 200Hz

Emego Base Unit (E600304):

Size: 150 x 92 x 28mm
Weight: 260g
Water resistance: IP40
Battery type: Li-ion (3.7V Nominal) rechargeable
Battery life: 8 – 10 Hours

Full Emego kit: £785 +VAT

The full Emego kit comes with everything you need including 1 patient unit, fixing accessories and connection cables.

EmegoView Software – Site License: £500 + VAT

Real time visual graphical display software to assist setup of Emego Patient unit. You pay for one site license and anyone within your organisation can install it and use the software. It will also work with any Emego unit.

We also have single patient units available as well as spares of all the accessories available. Please get in touch or state this on the contact form below to discuss these prices.

You’ll find two downloadable PDF’s here:

The instructions for use manual is the main instruction manual for the Emego. It covers everything from how to set up the Emego to troubleshooting problems they may occur. It also has information on best practices and relevant accreditations.

Download the Emego Instructions for Use (PDF)

The Emego View user guide are for useful for setting up and using the main software. The instructions cover everything you need to know about installing as well as clear explanations on how to use the software and the different modes it has. Please note that the software is only compatible for Windows.

Download the Emego View User Guide (PDF)

Control Your World with the Slightest Twitch of a Muscle

Grid 3 Example Software

Compatible with all your favourite software and devices

Plug in your tablet, computer, smart device to the Emego Base Unit via it’s USB or 3.5mm audio cable and you open up a world of communication possibilities using your favourite AAC software.

Emego View Example Software

View and change real-time EMG data with Emego View

The Emego View software was designed for Clinicians and Carers to get the most accurate switch signal for the user. Real time EMG signal data allows for easy assessments of the Emego assistive switch.

Emego small form factor EMG switch

Emego goes where you go, small, light and wireless

Emego was designed to be discreet when in use. The small patient unit is completely wireless allowing you to communicate freely without the need for awkward wires.

Start Switching Differently with the Emego