Emego Link - Sensor unit and dongle
Emego Link - using the Emego Link
Emego Link - Wireless charging

Introducing the Emego Link – Your Rehabilitation Partner That Fits in Your Pocket!

Emego Link is a revolutionary rehabilitation device that will help people recover upper body functions after surviving a stroke. Its aim is to be part of the rehabilitation journey a stroke survivor will take. Providing accurate biofeedback information about the user’s muscles, you will

Emego Link uses electromyography (EMG) technology to detect even the smallest of muscle movements and works with easy to use software that records and tracks your muscle movements.

What is EMG and is it safe?

EMG is a process in which small electrical impulses made by our muscles are picked up via a set of sensors. The Emego Link uses these advanced sensors to detect muscle activations. The sensors are placed straight onto the skin with no requirements for preparation. Simply line up to the targeted muscle, place the sensor on, and you can begin to exercise your way to rehabilitation.

EMG technology is very safe to use. With the Emego Link there is absolutely no skin preparation through the use of gels or needles required. It can be similar to wearing a fitness tracking watch however with Emego Link you can target a variety of muscles from head to toe.

How does it work?

It works by using the small sensor unit that attaches to your chosen muscle group. All you have to do is plug in the supplied dongle to a tablet/laptop/PC. Open the EmegoView software and the sensor unit and dongle will connect allowing you to see live biofeedback data of your muscles.

With all the muscle information that you receive from the Emego Link you will be able to regularly exercise affected parts of your body with the eventual goal of regaining muscle movements or significantly improving them.

Steps for getting started with the Emego Link rehabilitation device:

1. Attach the Emego Link sensor unit using either the Velcro strap (as pictured below) or a medical grade sticky patch.

Emego Link - How to attached the Emego link to a muscle

2. Plug in the Emego Link dongle to your device. This allows the sensor unit to connect wirelessly with your device. Once the sensor unit is turned on it connect automatically to the USB dongle.

Emego Link - using the Emego Link

3. Launch the EmegoView software on your device and select the COM port that your dongle has installed too (in this case COM 4)

Emego Link working with EmegoView

Emego Link - Excercising with the EmegoView software

The blue line indicates a successful muscle movement. The larger the blue line the bigger the muscle movement.

4. Start exercising! It is as simple as that to get started. You can now fine-tune settings and see your muscle movements through biofeedback data in real-time.

Emego Link - excercising

How will it help Stroke Survivors?

The main aim of the Emego Link is to help stroke survivors rehabilitate use of their muscles enabling them to recover post-stroke. Limited time with a Clinician and motivation o exercise can prove difficult obstacles to someone who wants to get their muscle movements to full strength. Emego Link aims to help by giving Stroke Survivors the option rehabilitate at home after their initial physiotherapy and continue to regain muscle movements. Clinicians will also be able to see results and provide instant feedback.

Is the Emego Link available?

Emego Link is a working prototype and is available. At this moment in time, we want to further develop conversations with Stroke Specialists/Clinicians as well as Stroke Survivors who would benefit from using the Emego Link.

The Emego Link team is on hand to answer any questions you may have and are more than happy to provide demonstrations of the rehabilitation device.

We will continue to develop the Emego Link and its software with feedback we receive which is why it would be great if you could get involved! Click here to get in touch.

I would like to talk to a member of the team to discuss further

We are keen to talk to people within the stroke rehabilitation sector. We would love to talk if you work with stroke survivors regularly and believe the Emego Link would be a useful technology. The development of the Emego Link will be shaped by valuable insights and this can only be done with your help.

Please do get in touch for a friendly chat if you believe you could benefit from the Emego Link. We may even be able to arrange a loan of the initial units we have created.

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