A video demonstration using the Emego to control Minecraft

Take a look at this video demonstration of Christopher using his Emego assistive switch to control Minecraft:

Christopher very kindly shared this video with us of him using the Emego EMG assistive switch. The target muscle in this case is the tibialis anterior muscle located in his right leg. As you can see from the video, Christopher tenses his muscle when he wants to control his computer that is running the game. The Emego has been set up to accurately detect a muscle movement when Christopher tenses his right leg. This enables him to use the Emego as a switch! (thinking of it as a mouse click that can be binded to any key on a keyboard as well as the mouse)

The Emego is much more discreet than other buttons as it uses Bluetooth Technology to connect to a single hub unit that connects to a PC (or device of your choosing). This single hub can be placed up to 10 metres away from the sensor so needn’t get in the way.

We would like to thank Christopher for taking the time to put this video together and we look forward to seeing more of how the Emego can be used in video games, other aspects of environmental control, and AAC.

Using the Emego Assistive Switch with Minecraft