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Hello! This is an update blog about the Emego assistive switch. It’s been a very busy few months since the Emego officially launched in the UK. We are now working with assistive technology centres in the NHS all around the UK. The Emego is being used by patients who suffer from diseases such as, motor neurone disease, locked in syndrome or muscular atrophy and is giving them the ability to use switch access methods for communication, environmental control and lots more!

We continue to see a huge interest from international markets an are planning to make the Emego accessible around the world soon.

Below is a quick roundup of some of the key events that have happened recently:

Communication Matters 2018

At the beginning of September, the Emego team travelled to Leeds to exhibit at one of the UK’s most popular assistive communication and assistive technology conferences.

The two-day conference took place at Leeds University and was very well attended by people who work in the AT world. There were many different talks that highlighted the progressive achievements in the AT sector and it was great to see what the future has in store.

We met a lot of familiar faces as well as new ones and as always, it was a pleasure to demonstrate the Emego and show its capabilities. We’d like to thank the organisers of Communication Matters for putting on a great show. You can find out more about Communication Matters and see what they do via their website:

Communication Matters Website

Medipex 2018

Emego was nominated for an award! Alongside Barnsley Assistive Tech Hospital, Emego was in the category for ‘Best Medical Devices and Diagnostics’ at the Medipex Innovation and Showcase Awards 2018 held in Leeds.

It was a fantastic evening with many special guests and incredible innovations in healthcare. We didn’t win in our category and would like to congratulate Sheffield Hospital for their ‘novel non-invasive Bladder Shape Test’ who won the award.

Demo’s up and down the country

The Emego team have been very busy out on the road visiting various centres up and down the country. Recently, Jack visited the National Star College based in Gloucestershire. It was a great chance to see the incredible work they do for teenagers and young adults with severe disabilities. Jack would like to thank all the staff who attended the demo and a chance to see how everything works at National Star College. To find out more you can visit their website here: National Star College Website

Image result for national star college

Image credit: www.nationalstar.org

Emego available to buy in the UK

Emego is available to purchase within the UK. It is fully accredited to Class 1 Medical Device status (find out more about that here: https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/guidance-on-class-1-medical-devices) and is widely used in Hospitals, care centres and for private use at home.

How does the purchasing process work?

Simply click through to the purchase page and request a quote for an Emego kit. The team will then send you your no obligation quotation and if you are happy, all we need is a purchase order to go ahead and send you out a brand new Emego.

Get in touch with us directly should you have any further questions about purchasing or anything else related to the Emego.

Emego Assistive Switch