After the events of the covid-19 pandemic through 2020 and into 2021, we are delighted to say that Emego is now back to operating full time with Product Manager, Jack meeting new and current users of the Emego assistive switch.

The covid-19 pandemic has seen big changes in the way people live & work, this has brought new challenges for us as a business but one we are adjusting to as we move forward. We continue to provide demos and showcases to those who are interested to see the Emego in action. We have the option of doing this over video call or in person. With in-person visits, we ensure that hygiene safety is our main priority and work to your requirements. 

It’s fantastic to see that the Emego is being widely used across the UK and throughout the world. We hope to continue this growth over the coming months and years. If you are a user of the Emego assistive switch then do please get in touch, we’d love to hear how you have been getting on with it – you can contact us via our contact page by clicking here.

Below is some of the latest news we want to share with you…

A future in stroke rehab?

Having launched in 2017, Emego has cemented itself in the UK as a revolutionary assistive switch. We want to harness the technology Emego uses and our Engineers have been exploring ways in how the technology could help stroke survivors with rehabilitation.

We are still in the early phases but are very keen to talk to people who work with stroke survivors to discuss how Emego technology could help them with exercising and motivation.

Please get in touch if or pass Jack’s information on to anyone who may be interested in talking about this exciting product development.

Emego Link - Sensor unit and dongle

The Emego Link prototype.

Did you know Emego is available in Australia?

That’s right! Emego is partners with Australian assistive technology specialists, Link Assistive. This is a great step forward for the Emego to ensure the EMG assistive switch reaches everybody around the world. Here is a bit more information about Link Assistive taken from their website:

Link Assistive are an Australian supplier of Sensory, Interactive and Assistive Technologies. Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) devices and software, computer access products, products for Special Education and mounting equipment are part of our product portfolio.

To find out more about the Emego in Australia then do get in touch with either ourselves or direct with Link Assistive:

Emego in Australia

Europe and the US

Emego continues to gain interest in countries all over the world after people see how the assistive switch can help with communication for those with severe disabilities. Due to medical device regulations, we are continuing to work on getting these to the standards that our customers expect. These regulations do take time to go through and ensure that we are fully compliant with country laws. Please do let us know of your interest in the Emego assistive switch if you are outside of the UK, this helps identify areas where we need to prioritise Emego’s availability. We hope to bring positive news in the near future regarding the availability of the Emego outside the UK and Australia.


Free Demonstration

Product Manager, Jack is keen to show more and more people the Emego so if you would like a free demonstration either through an in-person meeting or a video call then please do get in touch: