Emego production units

Preparing for Launch…

We are delighted to announce that the Emego is now in its final stage of production and the first batch of Emego units are being put under some intensive tests by our Design Engineers. Early reports indicate that they have all so far passed with flying colours which is great news and a great testament to GSPK Design who designed and are manufacturing the Emego.

We hope to bring you a firm date for launch very soon and will be going live with a purchase page on the Emego website very soon.

How to videos

A series of demonstration videos are currently being filmed in-house to show you how the Emego works in a bit more detail. Jack, Emego’s Marketing and Business Development Manager has been working with a range of initial users from around the country and has been gathering important feedback to create content that answers frequently asked questions. This is being done through the videos as well as documentation included in the Emego kit.

Resources from Barnsley hospital

Barnsley Hospital, who have been working in close collaboration with the entire Emego project from its early conception, have added further resources to their impressive library of Assistive Technology information. These include white papers on:

Computer Access in Schools – Starter Resource

Additional Environmental Control Equipment Peripherals

The full list of resources can be found by clicking here. The resources are perfect for teams and individual clinicians/carers working with assistive technology. You can also keep up to date on the release of future resources by following the Barnsley Assistive Technology Teams Twitter: @BarnsleyAT

Product demos available – a visit from one of the Emego specialists

A number of visits to assistive technology hubs around the UK have already taken place and with some already in the pipeline, we are pleased to offer you the chance for you and your team to have a presentation and demonstration of the Emego switch. These presentations are great to slot into any of your team meetings and give you the chance to see the switching technology that you may find useful for certain clients.

Get in touch if you would like to book a presentation and demonstration using the button below.

The finishing line is in sight!

That’s it from the Emego team this month, we will be in touch very soon with the official launch of the Emego! It’s been a fantastic project to work on over these past three years and we look forward to seeing people use it. Emego is set to give voice and communication abilities to people with severe disabilities and revolutionise EMG switching technology.