Emego making headlines!

In the run up to the Disability Action Yorkshire Marketplace event, Emego has taken centre stage in drumming up interest for the Harrogate-based show. Disability Action Yorkshire Operations Manager, David Ashton – Jones along with journalist David Simister (Different PR) came to GSPK Design’s offices for a photo shoot and an interview with Project Lead, Paul Marsh and Marketing Manager, Jack Ackroyd. It’s great to see Emego gaining interest in the local newspapers and we hope that it attracts people to the event on the 7th June.

You can read the fully published article over on the Harrogate Advertiser: Click Here

GSPK Design showcase Emego

David Ashton-Jones (centre) of Disability Action Yorkshire with GSPK Designs Managing Director, Paul Marsh (left), and Marketing Manager Jack Ackroyd (right).

Assistive Technology Event

CATCH features Emego as one of its emerging technologies in a video for the UK Foreign Office

Emego was recently featured in a campaign created by the UK Foreign Office, #GlobalBritain.

The video shows Dr Nasrin Nasr talking about the technology Emego uses, electromyography (EMG) and demonstrating the switch in the video

The campaign, #GlobalBritain, aims to highlight projects through the UK that involve a wide variety of people from different nationalities coming together and collaborating. The Electronic Design Engineers behind the Emego switch, GSPK Design work with many clients across the UK and the world so this campaign is one that both Emego and GSPK are proud to get behind. With technology enabling people to connect instantly to people all over the world the ability to create new electronic devices and technologies is becoming more streamlined and producing more and more opportunities for businesses to work together.

You can see the full video over on the CATCH website here: http://www.catch.org.uk/news-articles/globalbritain/#

You can read the full blog post on the GSPK Design website: Click here

New updates to the software as we gear up for launch

Following on from feedback from our collaborative partners at The Barnsley Assistive Tech Team as well as real patient feedback from clinical trials. The GSPK Design Electronic Engineers have been busy tweaking and refining the design of the software used by professional clinicians to understand how different people can use Emego and what works best for the EMG switch.

This data will provide accurate information for clinicians to then use on a wide variety of patients who can make full use of the assistive switch, making it much more accurate and responsive.

As always if you have any questions or you think Emego could be useful for yourself or someone you know then please do get in touch via our contact page.

Electronic Engineer using Emego Assistive Switch

GSPK Design Engineers test out the new and improved software

A date for your diary:

Emego will be exhibiting at AAATE 2017 in Sheffield in September, you can find out more information here: http://www.catch.org.uk/news-articles/aaate2017-draft-programme/

Till next time!