The month of March was a very busy month for the new Emego assistive switch as it gets set to launch at AAATE in September. With visits to Leeds and a big show in Birmingham, Emego is making waves through the assistive technology industry with more and more people getting a chance to have a hands-on demo with the assistive switch.

First to Leeds where Marketing Assistant, Jack (the one writing this blog!), took to the stage to talk about the development of the Emego, from its conception with the collaboration work with The Barnsley Assistive Tech Team and Devices for Dignity (D4D) right through to the future of its launch. The event took place at the new KPMG offices in Leeds. Hosted by Dan Akers from LightStart, the event was a great success in bringing enthusiastic business people together to network and watch presentations about future projects from businesses in the local Yorkshire region.

A specific focus on new ‘widgets’ was at the core of this digital show and tell event and it was fantastic to see so many local companies developing interesting new technology that is set to make an impact in people’s lives. Myself and the Emego team would like to thank LightStart for putting on a great event and giving us the opportunity to showcase future technologies.

The last week in March saw Emego travel south to the NEC in Birmingham. Along with sister company Apollo Creative, Emego was showcased to thousands of visitors at the independent living and well-bring show, Naidex.

Paul, Casey and Jack were on hand to talk about the switch as well as demonstrate to interested users. The 3-day show saw people from care and assistive technology industries have a go with the assistive switch. The Naidex show was a great opportunity for us to showcase to people who could potentially use the assistive switch when it is launched. People were impressed with the accuracy of which it can detect specific muscle groups to produce a reliable and repeatable signal.

Emego at care and disabilty show 2017

Overall Naidex was a great success in demonstrating the value of how the Emego could help a person with limited mobility control their environment and retain independence.

Continued Research and Development

Emego is still undergoing real patient trials with Barnsley Assistive Technology Hospital. The development team behind the Emego assistive switch, GSPK Design, are gathering valuable feedback and making tweaks to make the switch even better. During the past couple of weeks the focus has been on the software side of things, the part in which a user can view the raw data the signal produces.

This raw data can be very important for understanding a user’s muscle movements and how they can best utilise an assistive switch. The data is used by the research team to build a picture going forward in how best to use this technology.

That’s all for this month’s update we’ll keep you posted on continuing developments, should you have any questions about the Emego switch or anything assistive technology related please do get in touch.

Till next time!